Got Billed for nothing

I just got billed for 19.02 euro for nothing, didn’t even recieved message just saw my bank account and from same company Replit, Inc i got billed for 19.02 euro

Have any transactions been made recently on your Replit account?

I paid 7$ for Hacker plan
Says: Your Power Ups are using 0 Cycles / month

Did you intentionally purchase the paid plan?

In that case, you are not taking advantage of your cycles.

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No, i did not. Recieved bill friday, just saw it today

Then you should probably make sure that none of your repls are private, boosted, or always on, then request a refund.

So how did i get billed by Replit, Inc. for almost 20 euro?

Im not sure how do i request a refund

Hi @Linest thanks for your message. Unfortunately the users in the community are not able to investigate your billing query so the best thing to do is email including any recent emails from Replit regarding purchases. Just out of interest were you also billed $7 for the Hacker plan this month or just the 19.02 euro?

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I was billed for hacker plan this month, and later in Friday i was build for 19.02 euro

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I already made 2 tickets for refund and showed proofs that i got billed

Thanks. Glad you’ve emailed. I’ll ping someone to find out if it is already being investigated.

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