Google Translator. But worse

Took way too long, let me tell you. I expected this to be approximately 1 hours worth of work. But because replit refuses to let me pip install getkey or poetry add getkey ( I also had troubles with that dumb BETA LSP thing that keeps messing around and I always think I have an error somewhere ) this took WAY TOO LONG. Instead, I searched some older repls that had getkey already installed, and made this.
enjoy the worst google translator of all time… I have got nothing else to say, no comments. Good luck.


You can install getkey with pip install getkey --use-pep517 I think.
@Idkwhttph updated the command, sorry.

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Does not work. But anyways it is done. I am not wasting my time anymore testing on other repls.


Then turn off Explorer.

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I added a break now :skull: sorry about that.

The easiest way to become the best Python programmer:

pip install idkwhttph

And then:

import idkwhttph

Now you are god.

@Idkwhttph try this instead:

pip install getkey --use-pep517

PEP IDs can be confusing at times.

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