Google Search Console flags my website as "Possible phishing detected on user login"

I’ve added my repl website,, to google search console in hopes of getting it indexed, and it displays the security issue “Possible phishing detected on user login”. I believe this is caused by the replit login popup, but I don’t know how to fix it without removing the replit login system, which would mean I have to rewrite months of hard work. Is there any other way of fixing this?

Yea same thing happens to me sometimes. I once had to go into my password manager and manually pressed “safe” for every saved password when I once used a password I use often on one of my replit logins.

I noticed that your repl uses Replit login right now, was it using your own before?

It used to use a custom login system, but I ended up scrapping it for the replit login system.

I hope that fixes your problem!

What? You didn’t give me an answer. I switched to the replit login system a while ago, and I think that’s what’s giving the error but remaking the login system again would be a huge hassle and involve deleting everyone’s accounts.

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Yeah I know I was just saying I hope that you were able to fix it :confused:
So is the Replit auth causing problems?

I’m not sure, all I know for certain is that Google Search Console is marking my site as “Possible phishing detected on user login”, and I’m using replit’s auth system for said login

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So when you use Repl Auth, where the OAuth window opens, does it tell you that the website or the OAuth window is possible phishing?

No, it’s saying this in Google Search Console

Are you trying to register your site to show up on google searches?

Google’s basically just holding your site for ransom from your users, it should be fine.