Google Blockly Implementation


Was wondering if there was any way to use Google’s Blockly on your platform either as a language or template? I’ve been switching between a lot of different platforms to try to transition from block based coding to just typing and it can be pretty confusing for the students.

If there’s any way I can help please let me know!

Sammy Langford

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To my knowledge, there is no way to do this on Replit, only coding line by line. You can suggest it on Replit’s Canny board.

Looks like the Canny Board has been retired so I thought I’d post it here?

Didn’t realize that it was retired. I have seen that @demc made a few templates suggest here but because its block coding I’m not sure if it will be made.

What templates are you referring to?

I have seen this tempalte. They might of made others thought.


I meant more as it’s own language really. They’d have to implement it on their back end and everything. More of a feature request than anything.

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Hey there! We don’t have a block based coding interface at this time, but it’s on our minds! What kinds of projects are you building with Blockly rn?

It’s just a really good teaching tool. I teach High School and Scratch is just too targeted at younger children for me. I don’t want them to feel like I’m patronizing them, you know? But the biggest issue I have are syntax errors, so having those blocks are a huge help at the start. And then being able to switch to more advanced, text based projects, and use the same platform through all the different classes would be great.

But anything graphical would be great, p5.js, Processing (JS or Python), just regular JS with an HTML canvas would be great too. But also just regular, JS or Python would be awesome too. I can go into further detail if you’d like haha


I hear you! I’ll pass this along.

We do have templates for the language you’ve listed!

Plus some good ones you may not know of yet:

  • A-Frame (build AR with just HTML and CSS!)
  • Kaboom (a game library built on JS)

All of these are available in the dropdown when you go to create a project!