Goodbye to comments

I didn’t get to say bye to everyone, so I’d like to here, Thanks for having me and it was nice knowing y’all, and even though I won’t get to talk to you all in comments, I hope we can stay friends. Bye!


i hope they can understand that not everyone out there is a bully on comments i see alot of great things said on comments compliments advice and people getting along not everyone on comments is a bad person sure there people who will bully but not everyone is going to follow the rules we all have been the bully if not were a bystander who did not intervene but its not about kicking them its whether or not they learn from there mistake i speak for everyone when i say this that not every one will do the best thing but we sure can change and thats what’s important now im going to say this please bring back the comments and be more watchful on them instead but i will not force you to do this but it’s for you to decide admin thank you for your consideration