Goodbye Replit. It's been a long ( short ) run

I used to love things here on replit

But now I think, I dont fancy it anymore.

the staff are likely not going to change back the storage to infinite. I am down 20 gb or 7 dollars and 50 cent. But I am not the only one with this problem. techwithanirudh is down 150 gb or around 50 dollars worth of Gib. I am not spending 7 dollars and 50 cent for that. I am most likely going to move my code somewhere else, maybe I will stick around and check out other repls but its likely I will delete my replit acc soon.

So many restrictions,now I can’t even create and write code in replit, even if i bought pro and hacker altogether I would still be 5 GB short. Which is still not enough. But I would not waste my time and money buying pro+ hacker + 5 Gb ( 35 cent * 5 GB ) worth of storage just to get out of this sticky mess. I would not want to go ahead with such a deal.

When I joined in 2022 and it was smooth sailing. I created repl after repl, no issues until 2023 came. Restrictions were put in place and I felt like i was losing so many privileges left and right, I am sure many people feel the same way. Until today, the storage restrictions are out. Now I am forced to spend my precious dollars ( unless I delete my repls which I dont want to delete them ) just to get out of this. Literally every day I can see the hole getting tighter and tighter and today I cannot breathe replit air any longer because it too small.

It has been a great and short run, replit. Thank you for having me I will still be here on the forums and stuff. Goodbye and have a great and great and great and great and great and great and great and great and great day.

Would you continue using Replit after this change?

  • Yes, 100%
  • No, I am planning to leave soon/I already left replit, Just here and the forums hanging out.

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I’ll also be giving up on Replit unless something changes for the better. I wish I could say that I’m never gonna give you up, Replit, but sadly, it seems like I don’t really have a choice.


Replit is effectively punishing us for supporting and promoting them.


I’m also thinking of doing the same


Also on my way out. I have Pro but i am very disappointed by its performance especially for what I wanted to use it for.


I don’t really make advanced projects and stuff, so my storage is always open.


I like my organisation. My organisation is probably different to most people’s, if somethings old, irrelevant or useless; I delete it. This applies to almost everything, emails, chats, etc; so I’m only using ~3 GiB of storage (and a lot of that is from two Repls I’m working on for bounties).


good for you. But i am too deep into the hole, same as @techwithanirudh . I am at 20 Gib of so called Debt while tech has 150 Gib in debt. I would not want to waste my time and effort deleting over 300 repls as that would take too long.


Then follow these steps:

  1. Create a new account
  2. Transfer all the repls you want to keep to your new account
  3. Delete your old account

That would not work for some people. Some of their repls have thousands of thousands of repl runs, and they would wanna keep it.


Well they want to have access to replit more…
You could just change your bio to “Account moving to @new_account_name
And you could do the same thing with the repl descriptions (“Repl moving to”)

dang, im sorry to see you go. u will be missed :frowning:

I won’t be missed, barely anybody here know a thing about me.

I still don’t like what the staff are doing, but 1) I don’t buy anything 2) I have no where else to code.


We still do not know the full plans yet for this as it is in beta and has not rolled out to everyone yet. It is alarming but at the same time we don’t yet fully know what to expect. Wait a little longer until we know whether or not this will be a catastrophe.


Luckily I still have vscode tunnel, but I’d assume most other people wouldn’t.

That wouldn’t fix anything, as you’d simply reach the storage limit on the new account.

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