Go and train the chatbot! Databases are SYNCED!

This fat little chatbot can be trained by anyone. Please do not break the TOS guidelines by training the chatbot to have violent responses.
Thank you have have a nice day.
This took me way too long to figure out the JSONENCODER error. But now it is finished, thank you for waiting :scream:
repl link:
btw side note your username will be your repl username.

you can chat with the chatbot ( obviously )
eg. username: definition of virus

btw I do not save any information from your chats. But I have permission to remove things from the database if information is deemed unfit or violent. This is to protect you and me from being banned from replit or the repl being reported / deleted because the database stores keys and values that are unsafe for others. This includes:

  • Vulgar language
  • Violent descriptions
  • Personal info ( name, country, etc )
  • credit card info
  • API keys ( openai,chatgpt,etc. )
  • others

File "main.py", line 106 db[x] = f'{informations}\n Information Provided By: {os.environ["REPL_OWNER"}' ^ SyntaxError: f-string: closing parenthesis '}' does not match opening parenthesis '['

Might have made a typo there! Sorry for the inconvenience caused! It is up and running again!

How does it know my username?
Also, nothing I say registers with it.

It uses os.environ['REPL_OWNER'] from the library os.
Also please condense your message
How does it know my username?
Nothing I say registers with it
To make it clean here.

It is not replit auth.
try and type something with the bot
definition of virus

Side note: Even though this database is connected to everyone, you cannot simply change or delete the database when you fork the repl, instead it deletes the entire db for the forked repl and you will not have the same data as the main repl.
I have deleted the database as of now. It had extra keys when I was experimenting with the chatbot!

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Another update released!
this includes:

fixing bugz
made a os.environ['REPL_OWNER'] == 'Idkwhttph'
to access the database.
All the database keys AND values are now known to me. With a click of the run button

sorry i forgot to say that botsay does not exist no more:

Botsay 'Cat' : Cats Are Awesome. Well, Mostly. We Also Have Three Cats In Replit: @Milocat, @Element1010 And @Coderelijah.
 Information Provided By: SnakeyKing

this is what I got in my system

I have moved this to the ‘cat’ key in the database.

btw is there any way to edit information?

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I will add that sooner when I need help. But I will NOT give direct permission to anyone to edit information. Imagine if a user just alters information in my database. It would be awful! And you can’t revert any information. So for now, only me, my account can edit this database.

Again, I do all these for the things I have mentioned in my main post for the topic above ^^

@Idkwhttph very cool! I have trained it in a couple things for JavaScript. I have one suggestion, if possible could you make string with backticks (`) have a special colored background (similar to Ask)? I have made JS information with backticks and it would be nice to make it look different.

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Sorry! What do you mean by that? Can you show me an example,please?

@Idkwhttph like code snippets `code`.

I can’t do that yet. I am almost done with a chatting app ( so called ) where you can chat with each other. With the use of replit db ONLY. and some other stuff but its not socket.

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@Idkwhttph if you want I could help and try to add the code thing.

No need, its almost finished! Just some debugging on the last part, some other features and done.
I just invited you!

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