Glitches in Console (Python)

I’m tired of putting up with this so I finally am creating a bug report.

Problem description:
It’s easier to just look a the screenshot. Notice the weird white lines (there should only be text).

Expected behavior:
Those white lines shouldn’t be there.

Actual behavior:
Inexplicable white lines in my console.

Steps to reproduce:
Run a Python Repl (in the workspace not on the cover page).

Bug appears at this link:
I took the screenshot here but it happens in many repls so I’m not sure it matters. I think it only happens in the workspace and not on the cover page so I doubt you’ll be able to reproduce the issue using that link.

Firefox/Linux Mint 21/Lenovo Laptop

This happens in the cover page too.

What in the world lmao

It happens all the time to me.