Gizmo Discord Bot! - My showcased project

Here is my showcased project:

Gizmo Discord Bot!

This AI discord bot is COMPLETLY free with no subscriptions, ads, or “free trials”

Add Gizmo to your server with this link:

I need Gizmo in 75 servers to start the verification process. You do not need to use him, but just to add him into your server

Gizmo has 3 (real) slash commands:

/image [prompt] - Uses AI to create images
/supporters - Shows all the supporters such as hosing+AI
/information - Gives information and help about Gizmo

To talk to the AI, just mention Gizmo with the “@” symbol., unless in a Direct message with Gizmo. In that case, just TALK! He is friendly, appropriate, and open-source.

Don’t trust or believe me, check out the source!

Again, check him out!


Ah, this looks like PikaBot!
@MilesWK Won’t the API key run out due to all the incoming requests when used?

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It won’t. All the api keys are funded and there is basically an endless amount of them.

I am friends over replit with @techwithanirudh, and so he gave me a free always-working api key for the python API of AnirudhGPT. (Thanks TechWithAnirudh)

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It is EXACTLY what pikabot is, but on discord, and since it is on discord, it responds faster. Also, didn’t pikabot go away?