Give Me Suggestions

Hey guys,

I am looking for suggestions on what to add or change on my new personal website.
I will be open to all suggestions and might possibly add some of them. I really want to do an update so please do not hesitate to suggest some ideas!

earthrulerr | Software && Web

Maybe a background image instead of just a black background. Or you could put a plexus background. That would look really cool. And I think you could do that with particles.js.
Other than that I think it looks really good! :smile:

I don’t use JS but I’ll look into it :slight_smile:


  • Full page website (maybe)
  • Using some bouncecss with black sides on hover would be cool
  • Some css variation ig

Idk i’m just a guy who knows a tiny bit of css and html

Marquee. Just marquee. It’s the most fun tag ever.


I need suggestions of what to code :)).

Marquee being deprecated be like


Maybe just put a gif of whatever you want marqueeing then.

Thank you functionally, very cool :smiling_face_with_tear: :+1:

person just trying to vet the code to see if it’s virus

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im one cheer away from being 7th place on the LB.

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pop a like or something?

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This will make it look kinda messy or clattered though.

I like the style of being in the middle/card and using these pages :slight_smile:

I think Gifs are messy


PS: I’m 5th place on leaderboard :tada::tada:

XD yep

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what is that leaderboard for?

It’s the only thing that really holds this place together whilst tearing us apart at the same time lol. Every time you give a like, your cheers on your profile increase by a bit (think Reddit’s Karma) and the more cheers you get, the higher you are on the leaderboard. The easiest way to take a thread off topic is to bring up your leaderboard pos.

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Guess what, L, I have the promoter badge and you do not. :dancer: kasjd

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