Github Version Glitches

We’ve been using Replit with Github, so students push to master (or a new branch) when something new works or class is over.

One of my students’ Repls has stopped working in this way: we don’t see the “Replit history” icon on top, and when we go to the Github versions we can see them but can’t revert to them.

Has anyone else ever come across this problem, and is there a fix?

I wonder if forking the repo would solve it…

@Bram Github History or Replit history?

The GitHub History icon does not show. But the Replit Version History is what I’m concerned with. Can’t roll back to a previous Replit history.

@Bram I appears with the new UI that the Replit History button is now in the bottom right of the code editor tab.


Aha! Ok, we can revert from there, don’t need to try reverting from the GitHub versions. Thanks!