Github syncronization

I have a python flask application on Github and i used the “Import from Github” option to create the repl. The application is working fine: i deployed it successfully.
I have now some changes on Github and i would like to “pull” them into the repl but i have the alert that: Can’t pull: you have uncommitted changes.

Actually there are 813 uncommitted changes but as far as i understand, most of them are related to the virtual env and all packages created.
I tried to ignore all of them (reset all) and “pull” from Github but what happed was that i lost “important” files like .replit for example.

My question is: can i put some “specific” folder inside the .gitignore file so that i don’t have to perform useless commit and keep just the needed files (like the .replit one for example)?



I mean, the commits are good so that you have all the data correct when you clone it into a new repl, otherwise you may encounter difficult issues.
Try creating a .gitignore file, then put .config/ in it. For now, you’ll need to commit everything before the .gitignore takes effect.
I usually stage and commit everything, and rarely use .gitignore files (may I should use them more).
Hope this helps!

No? You’ll just need to commit the ignore file. Heck, you might not even need to commit it, I don’t remember.