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i am using replit from few weeks before 3-4 day i applied for github student pack and it get approved when i tried to redeem private replit for 6 months offer i didnot get it i have tried to disconect githib then conect again with replit but nothing works

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Hello Notanujroy,

Thank you for contacting Replit Support.

I believe you are referring to the following which gives you 6 free months of private Repls:

To claim this perk, ensure you are connected to your Replit account via your student email which should also be your primary email in your GitHub account. It should all be claimed automatically as long as you signup and use your student email. In other words, both the Replit and GitHub accounts have to be using your same student email as the main email.

Please note it can only be claimed once per unique student email. If you have any further issues claiming the GitHub Student Developer Pack, please feel free to followup with GitHub Support.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can assist with. Otherwise, we’ll close this ticket accordingly in a few business days. Have a good rest of your day.

Kind regards,
Suzy Lockwood
Replit Support Engineer

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