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I created a new account using github login, but I did not get hacker plan with my github student pack. I have already tried deleting and recreating the account and reconnecting the github account to it.

Hey, @bystepii welcome to the forums!

When I got hacker through it I needed to wait around a week for it to apply to my account. Once you waited a little bit please contact Replit support

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Also note, the hacker plan lasts for one year (edit: it seems it’s three months now) once claimed and cannot be renewed (even if you renew your GitHub student pack).

I have previously used it but now I deleted my old account and created a new one. How can I know if I can still use hacker plan?

Then you won’t be granted another 3 months of free hacker plan. But no matter what you can buy hacker plan if you would like.

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Why not? Can I restore my hacker plan?

Unless I am not understanding you correctly. If I do you said that you made an account got the 3 months deleted that account and made a new one to try and get another 3 free months?

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So there’s no way to get back the hacker plan if I deleted my account without event using it?

If it was redeemed and you did not use it there is nothing we can do.

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It’s possible (if the three months haven’t run out) that you could contact Replit support and get it moved to your other account (however this is not definite).

I have not redeemed it, I just logged in with my github account, and then deleted my account.

You redeem it automatically by logging in with your GitHub account.

Then I would recommend contacting Replit support and explaining the issue.

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