Github Student Development Pack Not Transferred

I had an account(@GrahamKracker1) that I deleted a few hours ago due to some issues. I had my GitHub account linked to it, which granted me the free 6 months of hacker plan. When I deleted my account, I thought that it would unlink the GitHub student pack from it and I would be able to use it again, with the same expiration date. On this account, I do not have the GitHub student developer benefits and would appreciate it if they were restored. I understand if that’s not possible, and I will only blame my own stupidity, but I couldn’t find anywhere else where I could get help on such a specific issue. The new account has the same name as the old one(@GrahamKracker1)

Hey, @GrahamKracker welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, we cant help you with this. Please contact Replit by pressing the Contact support button.


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