Github Student Developer Pack

I wanted to know what the limitations and benefits are for users that apply for six free months of private repls and already got Github Developer Student Pack.

What would happen to all those private repls I created once my offer expires?

Are there other features that come with this offer that weren’t mentioned?

Can I apply to other benefits with my Github Developer Student Pack in Replit?

Thanks in advance

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Actually, you can, you just don’t get hacker.


oh I never checked lol sorry XD

Hey @santiaduque, welcome to the community!

Previously, Replit offered a free hacker plan, but that is now discontinued.

The only benefits as of right now are free private Repls. See this post:


Okay, I see that’s all you can get.

But once it expires, do all the repls I created become public?

Can I still invite other users to my repls even if I have them set private?

These are my last two questions and then I’m good to go.

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I’ve never used private Repls so I wouldn’t really know, but once it expires, I assume they’d all become public.


You won’t be able to edit your repls until you agree to make them public


Thank you all for your helpful answers.

All doubts have been cleared up and I’m grateful for it.

Instead of changing the title to “solved”, please just mark the most helpful answer as the solution.


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