GitHub Repo Creation Bug

Problem description:
Trying to upload any replit into a GitHub repo gives the following error:
“Ensure you don’t already have a repository on GitHub with the name ‘repo-name-here’ and try again.”

I have tried forking the replit, making a new replit, and reloading countless times. This will not work.

Expected behavior:
The repo should be created.

Actual behavior:
Repo is not made.

Steps to reproduce:
Just try to make a repo from a replit on my account.



Just for clarity the repo does not already exist. This is happening with every new repo I try to make from any replit.

I have faced this issue before. No fix AFAIK.

Oof, well hopefully whatever is causing this is fixed eventually. Thanks.

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I tried to replicate this bug.


  1. I just created my (second I forgot the password to the first :sob:) GitHub account here: DoxrGitHub · GitHub so you can see that there are no repos.
  2. There are no repositories, private or public, except one named “Barn” to test

and just in case, I tried to do this:

and Replit can’t find the project. (That or Replit is bugged and it thinks it’s a private repo. In that case, it’s a whole new bug, but IIRC it’s just what Replit says when it can’t find anything.)

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Hmm, I’m glad it’s not just me having the issue. I spent a lot of time troubleshooting and Googling the past two days to no avail. Hopefully, eyes get on this and whatever it is will be fixed.

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I’d like to add another related issue: I successfully created a Github repo for one of my Replits but for another it fails!

I deleted the Git config files on my Replit and tried again but failed again.

When I try to link my replit repository to my github using version control. It continuously showing me the message Ensure you don't already have a repository on GitHub with the name "caesar-cipher-4-start" and try again.
Earlier I have tried to push the repo to git using the shell commands and It was kinda showing me some sort of warnings when I used the following shell commands:-

git config --global "Your Name"
git config --global ""
cd /path/to/your/project
git init
git remote add origin <repository_url>
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit"
git push -u origin main

Using these commands i think i kinda messed up something.
Please Replit Team Help me with this problem I am getting from past 2 days.

The repo should be pushed to the github repositories section.

Actual Result
Countinuously getting the message as such :-
Ensure you don't already have a repository on GitHub with the name "caesar-cipher-4-start" and try again.

Browser/OS/Device: Chrome/

Replit Profile:
Bug reports

That menu is for making a new repository and auto-linking it. You need to actually grab your GitHub repo link ( and add .git to the end (so it’s Then, in the “Enter Remote URL” box, paste that link that has the .git at the end. Then press ✓ Save. Exit out of the git settings menu, and you should see the branch you can commit to.

In that case, you can completely start over by pressing the button in the Files part of the editor, then Show Hidden Files. Then delete the folder called .git and it will just reset to before you ran any Git commands.

I have done using the same steps but still my end result is showing the same error continuously.
I have deleted the .git extension and again started from the scratch still the result is same.
What should i do?

I have followed this step. It works out . But I cannot see anything on my github’s repository section. The repository is still blank. What should i do.

please help me out with this.

On that first screenshot, hit Publish branch as ‘origin/main’ and it should make your initial commit again.

I have done the same it is showing me the following message, still the repo is not pushed on github.

.What am I missing ?

Hmm, try making a new branch and publishing to that instead (make sure to put no files in it).

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Thanks buddy.
Solved the problem with your help. Created a new branch from github virtual section named “side_branch” and pushed the repo on github. Now am able to see all the files on github but in side branch. But this started a new problem somewhat of github pull.
On github it asks me to compare and pull. When i click on it there are more than 8000 files to compare, because of which the github stops working. Please help me with this. How am i suppose to solve this.

You should be able to do git push --force on the main branch, and have it override old commit history, if your okay with that.


Thanks For the Solution . This works.

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Problem description

When I try to push a Repl to GitHub it says, “Ensure you don’t already have a repository on GitHub with the name “VIAL” and try again.” , even if I change the name of the Remote Repo on Replit it keeps saying that even though I don’t have a Repo(s) with those names.

Expected behavior

The Replit push to GitHub should work and allow me to push updates easily.

Actual behavior

Throws an error, “Ensure you don’t already have a repository on GitHub with the name “github” and try again.”, even though I don’t have any Repos with the same name.

Steps to reproduce

  • Try to create a Git on Replit and setup the Remote Repo.




Mac OS

Device if mobile



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