GitHub Repo Creation Bug

Problem description:
Trying to upload any replit into a GitHub repo gives the following error:
“Ensure you don’t already have a repository on GitHub with the name ‘repo-name-here’ and try again.”

I have tried forking the replit, making a new replit, and reloading countless times. This will not work.

Expected behavior:
The repo should be created.

Actual behavior:
Repo is not made.

Steps to reproduce:
Just try to make a repo from a replit on my account.



Just for clarity the repo does not already exist. This is happening with every new repo I try to make from any replit.

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I have faced this issue before. No fix AFAIK.

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Oof, well hopefully whatever is causing this is fixed eventually. Thanks.


I tried to replicate this bug.


  1. I just created my (second I forgot the password to the first :sob:) GitHub account here: DoxrGitHub · GitHub so you can see that there are no repos.
  2. There are no repositories, private or public, except one named “Barn” to test

and just in case, I tried to do this:

and Replit can’t find the project. (That or Replit is bugged and it thinks it’s a private repo. In that case, it’s a whole new bug, but IIRC it’s just what Replit says when it can’t find anything.)


Hmm, I’m glad it’s not just me having the issue. I spent a lot of time troubleshooting and Googling the past two days to no avail. Hopefully, eyes get on this and whatever it is will be fixed.