Github integration is not committing to my repository

It’s staging and committing my changes locally, but not sending anything to Github. When I was using git1, it needed me to agree to send my credentials but now it’s not asking and not working.

^ says it’s committed.

^ has not committed.

also – what happened to the original git1 integration, that at least worked but now i can’t use it

basically replit overhauled their git credintial system afaik it works for me…

i know that, but now with their new security system it doesn’t work anymore.

so uh how do i commit now

don’t exactly know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

hi there,
I have been having the same issue and reading the docs isn’t helping…
Is there a way to escalate further?

We have some new documentation on how to use the new Git Pane.

Try revoking access for Replit from your GitHub account and try re-authenticating and pushing.


ah thank you i will try this

publishing the branch does not work

i’ve re-authenticating but there is no option to push.

Is there an existing branch named v2?

yes, there is. it’s not merging.

Try renaming the current branch or creating a new one and publishing that

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Alternatively, you can run git push -u origin/v2 in the shell to force-publish it

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