GitHub Import Fails - Always

Despite authorizing Replit full access to my GitHub repos (I have the emails from GitHub to prove it), I am NEVER able to create a Repl via the Import from GitHub technique. How can I get the import from GitHub to work.

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

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Welcome to Ask! This is a known issue and AFAIK has not been resolved. Does Importing from Github - #5 by samatreplit help in any way? It seems to be a similar issue.
Repl stuck on importing from github - 2023

That other reference does not help with my specific situation. I get some kind of unknown authentication error. I have tried using the F12 key to watch the browser console and network windows, but I haven’t been quick enough to press the F12 key yet. For now, I have to create files one at a time in a new “from scratch” java repl via painful copy/paste operations.