GitHub Connection is Borked. Please fix my user account

Bug description:
GitHub Connection Borked.

Expected vs Current Behavior:
GitHub connection should work. But it does not work.

Account page thinks GitHub is connected. Replits think it’s not. I’m not able to access my private repos to create a new account or connect a Replit to any of my git repos.

Steps to reproduce:
This requires you to look at my account. I have attempted to completely uninstall, disconnect, revoke permission, etc. Any attempt to recreate the connection doesn’t fix the issue.

This is not a UI issue - it’s an account bug - something is wrong with my account data that needs to be fixed, but I have no other way to reach an actual person to escalate this to someone who can actually fix it.

Replit Profile:

Hmm… try using the SHell to run git commands.

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The shell still uses the git integration to authenticate to GitHub - I can use git locally, but cannot push to or pull from the remote. And, at that point, it has minimal usefulness. I’d really like an actual Replit employee to look at this post. I’ve seen several posts recently from people who’ve similarly had their GitHub/Replit integration stop working.

Hello @learnto-ai .

We recently corrected some issues with GitHub to Replit integration not working as expected. At your earliest convenience, would you please test again and verify the issue resolved?

I had a similar issue as well (i.e., I couldn’t pull or push from remote) and it was resolved by today’s fixes so I’d like to confirm with you the same. You may need to refresh or re-login to the account before testing. Thanks so much.

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Hi @SuzyAtReplit!

Looks like everything is working correctly now. I did have to go through and disconnect and uninstall everything first, but the integration appears to be working as it should now.


That’s great news. Thanks so much for confirming.

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