Git window fails to load on new window

Problem description:
If you open a repl to edit in a new window, and the Git window had been up before ( so it’s showing by default) the repo information will fail to load and it will display something asking you to connect a repo - see screenshot

If you reload the page, the git content loads properly

There seems to be some kind of race condition on the initial load of the page from a fresh window that is preventing the git content from getting fetched properly.

Expected behavior:
The git state / content should load on first pageload of the editor

Actual behavior:
The state of the window acts as if there’s no git repo connected to this repl

Steps to reproduce:
edit a repl where the frontmost window has a git panel.

close the window and quit the browser
start the browser from scratch with no preset windows.
navigate to the repl
observe the git window status

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome Windows 10 Alienware laptop
Chrome Version 108.0.5359.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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The current git tab hasn’t been touched in years. One of our workspace engineers are working on making a new one. Keep your eyes open for the new one in 2023!

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