Git question. I'd like my updated skeleton code to stay up to date on student's repls

I’ve written some started code for my class and had the students look at it. Since then I’ve made a bunch of changes, first on a separate git branch. I merged them back to main, but it looks like they still have the older code.

code snippet

Hi @hsweet !
Have they pulled the changes from the repo into their repl? Under Git, they can pull the changes to update their repls.
Hope this helps!

Would they do that with local git on repl, (or I guess they could get it from github, but I have not taught any of that yet). They haven’t started coding anything yet, so nothing to lose.

Hi @hsweet!
Is the repository linked to the Git on Replit?

It is linked on github but only for me. It’s a beginning group. Anyhow I went ahead and cloned since they haven’t started yet. T

thanks for the help

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