Git Pull Authentication Keys


Recently, I have been using git pull in the replit shell for my projects. However, today it says:

~/ApiServer$ git pull
remote: Invalid username or password.
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

It was working just well for 5 months until now. I have no idea what happened. My repo is private, when set on public it works, however I would prefer it to be private.

I re-authenticated github with my replit account in the setting but that did not fix it.


Replit deleted their GitHub app (invalidating their oauth tokens in the process) due to a security vulnerability that @LuisAFK found a few days ago, you need to re-link your GitHub account. Check for more information.


Seems like using settings didn’t work :sweat_smile:. Had to do it from the import menu. Thanks!

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Did I help you figure it out eventually?


Yep, you did :slight_smile:. Thanks!

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You’re welcome! I hope replit behaves in the future, so you don’t have more issues.


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