Git pane doesn't work with submodules

Problem description:
The new Replit Git pane (git-gud) doesn’t work with git submodules.
The git submodule always appears in the changes even when there is no change to it. This means that I cannot pull from the GUI as Replit thinks I have uncommitted changes.

Expected behavior:
Submodule should not appear in the changes when there are no changes.

Actual behavior:
Submodule always appears.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a git repo with a remote origin
  • Add a submodule
  • Add other files and commit in the git-gud editor.
  • You should see that even after committing the submodule stays there.
  • If you edit something remotely and try pulling, you will not be able to via the git-gud editor as it believes there are changes.

Bug appears at this link:
Replit workspace? is where I’m encountering the issue

macOS 12.6.5 using Arc Version 0.98.2 (38335) which implements Chromium Engine Version 112.0.5615.121

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The Git pane does not support Submodules just yet. With the current load of projects at the moment, we’re not sure when we’ll support them.


Got it. Would be a great feature to see in the future. Even if it doesn’t have support, it’d be handy for the git pane to just ignore them instead of keeping them there if that’s possible.

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