Git import of large repo fails with "This repository is too big to import"

When trying to import a 2GB game repo I get “This repository is too big to import”.
I have tried doing a git gc --aggressive with no apparent impact.
I did a rm -rf on the cache files pycache
What is the size limit and how can I overcome this?
I only have a dozen python files, but LOTS of images for the game.
Works fine on local machine with pycharm.

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Hey @TomFrancis1 welcome to Ask

if you enable “explorer” in settings, pretty soon you will have a combined limit of 10gbs storage for your repls

looks like this:

if you’ve already passed the limit or have used 8gib or more you’ll need to delete some of your repls.

note that not everybody has this right now, so you’ll need to enable explorer and just wait.

for checking if you have storage and enabling explorer

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I checked and my storage seems plenty. Is there a limit per repl that can be adjusted?
Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 11.16.06 AM

@TomFrancis1 if you have explorer turned on, then no there isn’t storage per Repl only for your account.

@TomFrancis1 Hmm ok that’s weird, you should have enough space to import. I think replit used to check if a repo is over 1gb but now that is irrelevant since storage limits are updated, I will change this topic to a bug report as this is a bug.