Git commits pulled from Repo not fully recognized

Problem description:
When I use git stash, git pull, then git stash drop after having a lot of changes on my repository, the changes don’t seem to be fully reflected. The new and updated files seem to show up in the editor, but since my Repl is an HTML website, going to the paths of the new files results in the “Not found” page. The workaround is to add a random character to each file, let it save, then remove the character and let it save again. This somehow makes it finally realize that the files are there. So that works, but it’s not very convenient at all.

Expected behavior:
Pulling latest changes from repository should automatically be recognized with HTML Repls

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Link HTML Repl to GitHub Repo using Git tool in the editor
  2. Update your repository without updating your Repl (e.g. using
  3. Push and commit those changes (I also used for this)
  4. Go back to Repl
  5. Run following commands:
    git stash
    git pull
    git stash drop
  6. Try one of the pages you added or edited

Browser: Microsoft Edge 120.0.2210.91 (Official build) (64-bit)
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Plan (Free, Replit Core): Free

Hey @boston2029!

That’s a known bug, if you use the HTML/CSS/JS auto-refresh template it should work just fine.

You could also make a small edit to each new file to force them to be synced. (Has to be done through the editor)


That’s what I’ve been having to do:

I don’t want to tho. Or is there something I can add to .replit?

Might I ask why? Other than auto-refresh, I think it’s the same.

The .replit from a auto-refresh Repl might work, never tried it.

Vite is kinda complicated and I don’t want that in my root dir fsr lol. Also that is a Node project and I’m committing to a repository for the purpose of using GitHub Pages (which is static)

As I discovered, it does use Vite, which means it won’t work purely with its .replit file.

Don’t think there’s a good fix for you then, sorry. I’ll bump it to staff just to check.

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