Ghostwriter suggestions not working on Vue Components

Problem description:
I have a pro subscription and work exclusively with Vue, but Ghostwriter doesn’t auto-complete on Vue components like it does with TS files. Even when changing TS code in the component yields ZERO suggestions or even basic TS type hints.

Expected behavior:
Editing Vue SFC files should behave like TS / HTML files.

Actual behavior:
Editing DX for Vue is bare-bones / medieval as if we’re troglodytes. even after upgrading to Pro!

Steps to reproduce:
Edit a Vue Component. Specially a Script setup one.

Bug appears at this link:

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll escalate this to the AI team.

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It would turn out that Ghostwriter suggestions only work in particular files. One of the engineers just added .vue files to the list to support suggestions.

Changes should be live soon, will update you on this.


Aaaand the Pull Request to fix this has been merged. This change should be live in a couple hours and vue files will start working with Ghostwriter :+1:


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