Ghostwriter runs out of "space" for longer listings

I asked ghostwriter to create a simple game. It was going right along but then stopped in the middle of the code listing. I don’t see any way to ask it to ‘continue’ or to somehow get the rest of the listing. Can you add a ‘show the rest of the code’ button or explain how to get Ghostwriter to finish the rest of the code listing.

Expected behavior:
Ghost writer completes the code listing

Actual behavior:

Ghostwriter stops in the middle of the listing

Steps to reproduce:
ask ghostwriter to create a simple game like say a flappy bird clone.

Bug appears at this link:


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@triptych can you provide a loom repro, also is this happening with complete code or generate code?

I’ve also noticed when I’ve pasted some Javascript code in the Ghostwriter Chat, the text box Character count is only 5000, and my code can be a lot more and therefore the code gets chopped off and Ghostwriter say’s code is incomplete.

I know Ghostwriter Chat is in Beta but the Character count needs increasing, as use to check my code and give me different scenarios

Many Thanks

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