Ghostwriter problem

Can you make it so that you dont need cycles to
use ghostwriter


Hey @antoniousngirgi welcome to the forums!

Not currently, and I don’t know if it is going to change. There is an extension though. It is similar to Ghostwriter and ChatGPT called PikaWriter.

Go to your Repl and go to tools and press Extensions scroll until you find PikaWriter click on it and then install it. Hope this helps :grinning:!


This is because replit needs money to fund the website and giving out ghostwriter will lose lots of money.
I recommend if you want help use this AI

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Post translation:

“Hey Replit, Can you make it so I don’t have to pay you guys? :pleading_face:

Well so, it comes with the Pro plan now, so technically you don’t need Cycles anymore.