Ghostwriter has ruined team for education


While I was teaching my course, some students showed how to use ghostwriter to access the solution I have written word by word. The AI correctly identify that the code I wrote in the solution is what the student need at that moment. Technically they simply have to start writing and the AI will show the solution.

The fact that ghostwriter can give a solution to any basic programming question makes Replit completely unusable as a teaching tool. At least at the high school level.

Sadly Replit used to be very useful as a teaching tool. With these new capabilities, I have to look for another tool.





This request has been brought up by other users as well and has been submitted as a feature request to the AI team for future consideration.

I hope the issue is resolved quickly… I really like how setup for teaching, but this AI setting is defeats the main goal of teaching students learn code…now I am pressed to look at other solutions students to complete their coding projects.

I’m just piling on here. As an educator, the AI feature is defeating. I look forward to a way to centrally disable this feature.

I also look for a way to disable this feature, otherwise me and my 200 students will drop replit in favor of github classroom

Hey @saniales!

Technically each student will have to turn it off, but they can turn it no again. For you as an educator there is not currently a way to turn it off. Sorry!

I ran into problems with the UI suddenly changing today. Console no longer works as before. And all my instructions say to use the Console.

Now I see this. I’m with the others, if this can’t be fixed, I will have to stop using Replit immediately. And I’ve enjoyed using it for years.

Computer Science

The console no longer runs code, as an effect of this:

There is a template called Python with Prybar that allows you to run code in the console (after you run the program with the run button at least once).
Alternatively, you can use the shell by first typing in python to start the interpreter, then writing code.

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That won’t work with the newer Console that seems like it’s starting to roll out.

I tried it and you can apparently still input stuff into the console on prybar template. It still works.