Ghostwriter for Students

Describe your feature request
As a PhD Student, it would be great to be able to access Ghostwriter for my work. Ghostwriter being available whilst being a student for a reduced price would be massively helpful.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
My projects focus on optimisation of complex models and Ghostwriter would be able to deal with a lot of the setup work for my models and optimisers.


You can apply for a free trial IIRC.

Or just use Chat GPT. Both are AI based chatbots that generate code.


Use chatgpt. Free and good. Of course it does not filling and alike. But to be honest I rarely use that anyhow.


i heard chatgpt is good at writing code but it makes mistakes sometimes. always check your code and work before publishing it.

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Ghostwriter also. The convenience of ghostwriter and things like copilot comes from integration with the ide.


how to add more than 500 character to ask ghost writer

Are you asking it to fix or explain the code? Best done either in other ways