Ghostwriter fails to interact with the code in my Repl

Problem description:
Ghostwriter persistently fails to interact with the code in my Repl, instead responding with messages such as “As an AI assistant, I don’t have direct access to your entire project’s functionality, but based on my observations, I can say that this project imports the system module and operating system module, and then prints ‘hi’ to the console.” (To be clear, that is not what the project does.)

Expected behavior:
Per the demo behavior advertised on, I would expect Ghostwriter to successfully answer prompts about my project such as “Can you summarize what this project does?”

Actual behavior:
Please see the problem description above.

Steps to reproduce:
My Repl is currently private, but I would be happy to share it with the Support team in whatever way is preferred.

Bug appears at this link:
Please see the previous response.

Brave - Ventura 13.2.1 - 2019 MacBook Air

Welcome to the community, @jgolant! Could you give us a screenshot? That would be helpful! :smiley:


Gladly, @JayAySeaOhBee14, and thank you for the incredibly quick response. Screenshot attached.

You need to realize this is a machine trained on something. Asking something he machine does not know like looking a file can work and often not. the best is that you open the file, select the code you want explained and use the explain function. See:


Thank you for your input, @whileTRUEpass. Your explanation makes sense. Unfortunately, I am trying to work with >10K lines of code, and the explain function can only accept so many lines at once, so the process may be somewhat tedious. I look forward to the day when the capability will be able to train on and incorporate my code into its answers. But I understand the limitations of the technology currently. Is there a way to flag this as a dedicated product feature request to the Replit team?


Yes, you can create a post in #support:feature-requests.


Thank you - Will do!


If this is your code, and not something you imported or teammate has done, the only advice i can give you is comment as you program. Everybody hates it, till we realize we need it. then we hate it and do it.

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I’m actually attempting to make a few suggestions to improve a mature open source project, hence the desire to start by discussing the code at a high level. I could see that being a good hands-on educational experience for beginners in the future.

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For what it’s worth, Ghostwriter seems to do better when asked about a specific JS file. This isn’t always true but wanted to share a positive example. Thanks all for the input.

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It is what is in the documentation an I mentioned above, you need to name the file normally.
However, we should not expect miracles. I find it already amazing (despite most code never truly works as i wanted and the explanations are often too basic)

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