Ghostwriter code completion not working for multiplayer?

Problem description:
I started a multiplayer project and neither of us are able to get ghostwriter to work in the IDE for code completion. We can use the chat box, but not code completion. Ghostwriter works in my other repls that are not multiplayer.

Expected behavior:
Code completion for ghostwriter not working for either of us. It is enabled for both of us in settings as well.

Actual behavior:
No code completion

Steps to reproduce:
Open a file and try and get code complete to work with something like:
// create a function that adds two numbers

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome/MacOS/Mac Mini M1

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@brettsmith212 Sadly, as far as Iā€™m aware, Ghostwriter Complete Code is always disabled, no matter what, when there are multiple players in your Repl. You might want to make a feature request about it if you want to utilize it (#support:feature-requests).

They fixed it, it must have had something to do with my repl. But Ghostwriter does work on multiplayer, but only for people who have it enabled. Other people can see it working for you though which is really cool

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