Ghostwriter chat making bugs

Problem description:
The ghostwriter chat is making bugs, and when asked to fix gives even buggier code.

Expected behavior:
Ghostwriter should have made a bug free menu template.

Actual behavior:
Ghostwriter made an indention error that i did not know how to fix, and when asked to fix that he attempts to replace the elif statement with more ifs, that i know would not work.

Steps to reproduce:
Ask ghostwriter to make a basic menu in python (using the chat function) and then ask him to fix the code givin.

Bug appears at this link:
I will not give as it is a part of my project.

IPadOS Chrome.

Give me a sec, let me do some bounties and then buy ghostwriter to test this :smiley:

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Hope you can get to the bottom of it soon, ghostwriter makes half my code

If it’s an indentation error ghostwriter might be suggesting code using spaces while you are using tabs, or vice versa. Try converting everything to one and seeing if that works