Ghost Writer Unresponsive

Bug description:

Ghost writer is completely non functional it was fine for a good chunk of the day and has since gone awol. The only thing that will get returned is an error message about not being able to generate a response. The saving grace is it does seem to be isolated to my account.
Expected vs Current Behavior:

Expected behavior is of course to be able to use the thing.
Steps to reproduce:

type anything into Ghost writer terminal, I’ve tried on different devices as well
Bug appears at this link:

Screenshot(s)/Screen Recording:


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Hey @charsthewandere! Welcome to the community!

Sorry, I don’t think I can really help you. You can try and contact support at or create a ticket about your account at


This has been happening to me to.

It is working for me (just gave it a try). Fork the repl and see if this solves the problem.

might be useful info:

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