Getting undefined while trying to get keys

Question: How can we get keys from an json object . I am trying to get but getting undefined.

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code snippet

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Could you please provide your JSON object and the programming language you’re using? I’d be happy to help you with this?

To get keys from a JSON object in Python, you need to first parse the JSON string using the json module and then access the keys of the resulting object.

Here’s an example to illustrate the process:

import json

# Example JSON string
json_str = '{"name": "John", "age": 25, "city": "New York"}'

# Parse the JSON string into a Python object
data = json.loads(json_str)

# Get the keys from the JSON object
keys = data.keys()

# Print the keys
for key in keys:

In this example, we start with a JSON string json_str. We parse it using json.loads() to obtain a Python object data. Then, we use the keys() method on data to retrieve the keys and store them in the keys variable. Finally, we iterate over the keys and print them.

This should give you the output:


Make sure to import the json module at the beginning of your Python script for this code to work.

If you are still encountering issues or getting “undefined,” please