Getting the bot HTTPS URL

Question: How do you find the HTTPS URL directly for the bot? MIne just says “/”

Current behavior: It only says “/”

Desired behavior It shows me the code

Repl link: [censored]

code snippet
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Why do you need a link to your bot? If you want to use it to keep the bot running, then you won’t be able to do that. In order for your bot to work non-stop, you must deploy as a Reserved VM.

Also, please send the invitation links to the repl only to trusted people and do not make them publicly available, for the sake of the security of your repl.


Hi @k4rm4l1fer , welcome the forums!
Please avoid posting the join link, as what @KAlexK has said.
To get the url, try opening the website in a new tab and copying the url in the address bar. The / in the Webview is for paths of the website.
Hope this helps!