Getting rid of login page

Hey! Any way that I can get rid of the login page for my repl?

well how do you have it set up? What does the repl do?

It’s python, and I just put the example login page, but now I don’t want it.

Because I am working on it at school most of the time, I can’t use the full repl, I have to go through the workspace. My school classifies it as “security_proxy”

Also, HTML won’t work because the websites are listed under “

Screenshot 2023-05-22 13.10.03

I think security measures in place are identifying it as potentially suspicious or malicious. could be due to the presence of certain keywords, patterns, or behaviors that are commonly associated with security risks. I looked up the reasons.

It’s, not

And on the Authentication window you can disable it:


Oh yeah, is blocked. It’s not even a real link. I don’t know why, is isn’t blocked. BTW if needed, you can use the school friendly, which gives a link but I assume it’ll be blocked as it’s being blocked for me too (I use Lightspeed Systems). Sorry for being off topic lol

You can turn off authentication.


Oh yeah, for my school’s firewalls it’s blocked. (They use lightspeed, also)

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