Getting Microsoft Defender Blocked This Page Whenever running a Node JS or HTML, CSS and JS page

I am trying to create some projects in Express or Frontend, while Running the Node JS script, in the right webview I am getting the following popup " Microsoft Defender SmartScreen has blocked this unsafe content" (screenshot uploaded). The URL is also strange.
I am not sure if I continue using it or is it a threat.

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I think it shouldn’t be a big deal. I’ve also gotten the warning from Microsoft sometimes, so does other people. Just don’t care about it and continue.

Hey @SOUMYADIP, I would assume your on an Microsoft based operating system. But this isn’t a big deal at all. It is Windows Defender simply thinking the new non-deployed repl URL is not safe. There is a option to continue anyway. Just click that option and you should be all good to go!

They made urls randomised, meaning they will be very recently registered when you open the window. This is because usually newly created domains are unlikely to be taken down as a scam. Since this is just your repl, it is safe to click more information > accept risk.

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I also have started getting this. I almost made a bug report but didn’t think it was a big deal. I also wasn’t able to click the “more info” button. Replit needs to get in contact with Microsoft to get that off of there.


I am also unable to click the More Info button and thus unable to webview my repls at all anymore. Should have gotten a Chromebook instead of a Laptop.

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Try to open it in a new tab.

This might be because is not yet being on the PSL [1] and so when one subdomain is taken down as suspicious, the entire domain is.

Unless you have a way to disable the blacklist (and/or whitelist the URL), you most likely won’t be able to develop your site.

  1. Public Suffix List ↩︎