Getting many solutions

why is everyone know it all man i wish i was one


@AndrewMorris14 It’s not easy to get it. Aim for Guidance Counselor first.
In fact, aim for Solved first.
Solution Institution is still very far away for me.


Because we’ve been here a long time. Ethan has been here since before anyone can remember. A lot of the rest of the Know-it-Alls joined either in 2022 or early 2023 (I joined in January). It takes time and you have to know something. I don’t know too much about many programming languages but I know just enough and have learned enough about Replit that I am able to solve some problems. Smarter people like bigminiboss get badges like that faster than people like me.

Patience and persistence and you will accomplish great things.


Yes, exactly! I very rarely solve Code Help problems, they are mostly Bug Reports and Replit Help. I joined in March, but I only started being super active in mid-May.
@AndrewMorris14 Be helpful and active, and you’ll get there!