Getting banned out of nowhere

I heard this come from having a shared ip and someone spammed request on discord but is there any way to prevent that ? I just got my bot banned out of nowhere (on replit) "

The owner of this website ( has banned you temporarily from accessing this website.

" so I’m stuck T.T

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Hey @celian welcome to the forums!

What you heard is right.

As of now no. Replit staff did say in the discord that you will be able to buy your own IP thought that is not going to be out soon.

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Just adding on to this. Replit is working with Discord to reduce the amount of ratelimits (or possibly to whitelist Replit) due to the amount of bots on there. However, Discord is slow to respond so this might not happen for a while!

What you are experiencing is called a ratelimit. Ratelimits mean that you are temporarily banned from accessing the API. This is because of the amount of bots on Replit. It’s not necessarily spamming in this scenario, Discord just classes it as that because of the amount of traffic coming from the IP. Until Discord whitelists or reduces ratelimits on Replit, I would recommend hosting your bot on a VPS or a Raspberry Pi.