Getting an odd websocket error, please help!

I’m getting an error in the console that reads:

Error: WebSocket error: Event {isTrusted: true} t.prototype.insertSync@ t.prototype.handleAsyncList/this.asyncTimer<@

I’ve tried asking Ghostwriter to analyse this and I keep getting the same response:

That error message indicates an issue with the WebSocket connection between the Replit server and your browser. It is not related to issues within your code file, but rather how the Replit platform is running the code. One possible solution is to try refreshing the page or restarting the Replit server. If the issue persists, you may want to contact Replit support for further assistance.

Each time I try to find a support link it takes me here, so if anyone can help me here or tell me how to raise this issue to Replit, I’d appreciate it.

What URL is your program attempting to connect to?

Thanks for the reply

The WebSocket is attempting to connect to a relative URL, so its taking it from the environment. The WebSocket is created with {noServer: true}, it is not being passed a specific server URL. It is being used in conjunction with an existing http.Server instance. The URL that the WebSocket connects to depends on the origin of the HTTP request that initiated the WebSocket handshake.