Get the ID of other projects

Is there a way to get the ID of projects that aren’t yours?

I know that you can get the ID of YOUR repl through Custom Domain which is 1. annoying and 2. hard but at least that works. I know that Auth gives you this: which contains the ID. Not all repls have Auth.

I don’t know much, if anything, about Replit GraphQL but maybe it could help with this.

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It is possible to get the ID of a repl via GQL. I’m not sure how much those who know any GQL (I don’t really count, lol) can say.


normally I would provide you with code, but recently there’s been an even harder clamp down so for all intents and purposes, no there is no way


No, there is no way to do this, or no, you can’t do with with Replit GraphQL? Or no, you can but you won’t?


this is what I meant sorry


Well, why not? Also that probably sounded rude, but I’m just curious to know.

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oh because of recent clamp downs on the GQL

Type echo $REPL_ID in the shell.


I can only do that on my repls, but thanks, that makes getting my repls’ IDs easier.

Let me just update my package, I was going to add repl query’s but never got around to it.

If the repl has a web server you can always make a HEAD request to https://<repl>.<user> and parse the response

Ray shared this on one of their git repos, so I think it’s ok to share:

query ReplID ($url: String) {
  repl(url: $url) {
    ...on Repl { id }

Basically send a get request to with the necessary headers and the right payload format, query and vars, in vars put ”url”: “replurl”.
The response should be json containing the repl’s repl id.

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bruh bruh bruh did you not read any of my posts :man_facepalming: I said we can’t share ZILCH about the schema because of the new restrictions

Uhh thanks @MiloCat I hope you don’t delete your post :slight_smile:
What I did was this:

on but that didn’t seem to work. I got my connect.sid and I don’t know what’s wrong…

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firstly, you don’t need a sid for that one. Second, it’s like Third, I’m sorry, you seem like a nice guy but we just can’t let any of it happen :frowning:

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Thanks @bigminiboss. I really don’t get why this is such a big problem but I guess it’s a Replit thing :man_shrugging: soo I don’t want to be the bad guy here. Should I just not use this or… idk. For now, I’ll just stay far far away from GraphQL because I think it’s still not fully ready for everyone.


Abuse. Too many people abusing GQL.

There are lots of rules about GQL and I’m not sure any of them are official. Don’t use mutations but I forgot what those are.

That is a good idea. Several people, even prominent community members, have been banned for GQL-related stuff.

Just so you know, this would work for your use case, and it doesn’t require GQL.

Javascript (node with the fetch api or node-fetch)

const repl = "";
const res = await fetch(`${repl}/__repl`, { method: "HEAD", redirect: "manual" });
const [,replid] = res.headers.get("location").match(/https:\/\/\/replid\/([\w-]+)/);
console.log(replid); // 9a551a5f-60e6-460e-9cee-67bc19c9cc5c

I did but ray literally put that in one of his public github repos so it’ll be fine lol
And it’s just a query

Why was someone else marked as solution ;-;