Get help on how to use Replit

Get help on how to use replit


Welcome to the community, @zuberuibrahim! Can you tell me what you need help with?


How to what this replit is all about


Coding online on any device easily* with friends or family.

Easily as in there are a lot of tools to help you in replit (eg. replit db)


Replit is an online services that allows users to experiment and create with 25+ coding languages! They also allow users to team up and create projects together with teams. It is great for people who need quick and easy access to a coding sandbox and a great way to get your project out in the open! :slight_smile:

Edit: You can also use Replit as a deployment service, as they now offer servers that can handle big workloads (Comes with a price)

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You’re already doing well. It took me a long time to discover Ask. Ask is a great place to get help.

I really appreciate your help


No problem! It’s great to help new users out so they can create/make something amazing :slight_smile:

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Here’s a full tutorial on Replit

Replit is what you use to code online when you can’t use your computer. It has Java, HTML/CSS/JS, Node.js, Python, and a bunch more languages. This means Replit can host fullstack projects, static websites, and CLI. You also can use Terminal/Shell (same thing) to further make use of your coding experience because Replit is just like a place you can code online. You can run code and Replit will automatically host websites (like this: {projectname}.{username} for free or if it’s a command line project, other people can see your projects. Almost any language you can think of (except TI-Basic) can be on Replit (either already made or I bet you can do something with replit.nix). If you want others to code projects for you, then, you can post a bounty, which basically works like this: you post a bounty that if other people do, they get a reward of a set amount of “Cycles,” which is the virtual currency that Replit uses (I think each one is a cent).

Obviously, there are some restrictions that you aren’t held to on your own computer (No root access, it can’t execute EXE because it’s Linux, and no proxies. You can find a full list of not allowed things at Replit ToS but these are just things you are not allowed to do, not technical restrictions). Then there is the annoying factor of random outages that apparently weren’t frequent before but now happen multiple times a week. Proof: yesterday was the first time I saw “All systems are go” so if your Repl isn’t working and it’s not because of the code, check and see if Replit’s working properly. There are also some other bad things with Replit like everything else. One thing to remember is Egress; that is outbound data and whatever (I don’t get it either.) but the most I know about it is that it’s the amount of data that your repl sends.

If you need answers about Replit, find a bug on Replit, need some coding help, or just want to generally speak about coding, then Replit Ask is the place to go. Looks like you figured that out (Welcome to Ask!) but you should read the guidelines and how to post before actually posting. One thing that is important is details; it lets everyone know what exactly you’re dealing with.

I don’t know if you asked for a tutorial on Replit but if you just want help on how to use Replit, then finding or creating something on Replit Ask is the best way to go for help using Replit.