GeeksForGeeks && Sololearn

GeeksforGeeks and Sololearn are great tools to learn programming. My teacher introduced me to Sololearn, and I found GfG after some googling.

GfG has courses, videos, articles, and plenty more.
Sololearn can teach you to code whether you’re just starting, an intermediate coder, or even an advanced programmer. It has courses for most languages at any level.


Yeah GeeksForGeeks comes up all the time in Google searches and thier content is pretty helpful.

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stackoverflow is superior.

Stackoverflow is a bunch of random people offering their best advice like Ask is. I don’t know obout Sololearn but I know that anything on GeeksForGeeks is likely to work. Not everything on Stack overflow works. Nevertheless I find lots there too.

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Sololearn is more like Codecademy except beginner friendly imo.
GeeksforGeeks is like W3schools but with a lot more too.
Stackoverflow is just a buncha random people copying code from other random people