Games, Websites and Automobiles... (a sign that I'm bored)... Anyone want to collab?

Turns out there are rebels among us
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Precisely this…
Looking cool!

Turns out we have a new logo!

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@SnakeyKing @SalladShooter @sonicx180 @QwertyQwerty88 @boston2029 Are we still going to do this? Probably not, if I had to assume.

Sorry, what is the project about?

@RedCoder (To lazy to scroll up cos there are so many posts) What will it be about, and how will it work? What kind of help to the community?
Sorry if that came out rude, just wanted a few questions answered.

We had previously started working in it, but everyone gradually stopped and now no one is really doing it. It basically helps new programmers share their project so they can get feedback and meet the community.

I see. @RedCoder Could I join this? This sounds like a good idea.

If everyone still wants do this, then yes.

@QwertyQwerty88 @SnakeyKing @SalladShooter @sonicx180 @boston2029 What’s the verdict?

I don’t see a reason not to :slight_smile: what’s the Repl?

@QwertyQwerty88 The repl is Inspire and Code, remember it? :slight_smile:

It didn’t seem like much done, and it’s kind of boring. If there’s clear things that need to be done, I can help. But if it’s not clear what our goal is and nobody is on anyway then there’s not really a point

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@boston2029 Agreed. this is why I am hesitant.

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Alright, i guess this is officially cancelled. Sad, cause it had potential

Yeah. I could probably finish it by myself, but there’s really no point as I have so many other paid projects. It was fun while it lasted :smiley:
Maybe one day we will come back to this and decided to reignite the flame and maybe finish it. Who knows.

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yeah. maybe we will :wink:

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