Games, Websites and Automobiles... (a sign that I'm bored)... Anyone want to collab?

Amateur. I’m in at least 15. Pro of being so active on Ask.

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And I thought I was setting the record for 3 :sweat_smile:

@boston2029 We’ll consider. We already have a handful of people, though. Would you mind showing us some of your biggest HTML, CSS and JS projects?


And Flask. It seems to be winning. I think we should create the team now, BTW.

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Just created the team and a team repl

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The poll closed 7h ago but you made the message 1m ago.

Making a new poll right now

Logo 1:
Logo 1
Logo 2:
Logo 2
Logo 3:
Logo 3

Logo Poll
  • Logo 1
  • Logo 2
  • Logo 3
  • None
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What are you making?
Also, the poll is closed again.

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Just fixed it. It’s for our logo

What are you making?

I like all of them (can you include them all? Idk, maybe to show that we’re one big community. Idk I think it’s cool :upside_down_face:). Idk about adding more to them, I like the simplistic style.

A website to showcase Repls

All are nice, but if you are showcasing repls, I’ll go with logo 1 cos that shows an idea, a good repl.


How do you make these logos?! Could you tell me your secret method?

that’s like da most famous coding logo ever.
No one actually voted for it

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probably because its too generic, as the only branding is defined by the colors.


Ik. Just trying to throw some logos into the choices

Intense brainpower and ultimate skill

I know I’m not part of this and this was 1 day ago as of now, but personally i think you should combine logo 1 and 3 together.


That’s a cool idea! Are you thinking something like this? logo (possible) for inspire + code