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How well replit handle graphics content?

I want to make a game in Python and after I finish the game I will be programming an AI to play the game until it master fully.

Does replit handles graphics well to run the game? If not is there any IDE recommended to use?

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Poorly. Using a more efficient engine such as Bevy (Rust) might help, but best is to just make a website so you’re relying on the performance of the user’s computer – something you can also do with Bevy, although using JS would probably be better.


Honestly, it is not good. I have tries a simple console game and it lags and in the past (previous deleted account) I did some basic graphics … more lag.
I am now trying to do it in C++20, but i do expect the same result.


Yeah I decided to use PyCharm and it’s working.

I applied DeepQ-Learning too but hooo boy, it consumes a lot of the pc and takes a lot of time, not sure if I will go foward with the project too.

But thanks for yall help!


You mean you are working locally. That wil always work.
As for Replit, I guess js games are the only thing as they rely a lot on the client instead of Replit.


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