Gameberry.js project: collaboration

Hey everyone! I have a new project named “GameBerry.js”: a JavaScript game engine based on three.js
GameBerry adds various goodies to the rendering power of three.js, such as controls, a keyboard and mouse event handler, as well as a collision handler for two objects and finding an object in camera visibility. Anyone can participate in the two-hour collaboration by simply replying to this post.
When the project is done, it will be published as a Node.js package. The name of everyone who will take part in the collaboration will be written in the MIT license of the project, as well as in the list of package creators. The collaboration will start on September 10th. I’ll post the exact time later.
List of contributors: @NataliaKazakiev

Some project details:

language: JavaScript / Node.js / HTML
project name: Gameberry.js
dependencies: Three.js, fs-extra, Svelte, Web-audio-daw, etc.
main file: /build/gameberry.mjs