Funny string formatting

Greetings, would you like to practice reading string formatting and syntax? Do you want to make your eyes hurt? Well, look no further.

Just look at this line of code.
string = f"[{i + (playerPage[2] * 9)}]" + p3[i + (playerPage[2] * 9)] + " "*(16 - len(p3[i + (playerPage[2] * 9)]))

Because it sure is making ME cry, and I’m the one who made it sobs :smiling_face_with_tear:
Oh and dOn’T worRY, this isn’t unnecessary syntax or code, this is needed and necessary for some string formatting in a game I’m working on.

If you want to contribute to this topic or have long and funny lookin’ lines code you want to share, or have questions about string formatting, this place is just right for you. :wink:


Why does it have square brackets outside of the curly braces? Wouldnt that make the string look like
[n] where n is the scripting inside of the {}